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Is This the Most Dog-Friendly Car in the World?

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Is This the Most Dog-Friendly Car in the World?

A lot of people these days count their dogs as members of their family because, well, a lot of time these animals are better companions than human beings. Despite this well-studied fact car makers have done surprisingly little to cater to the needs of these creatures. Now though, there is a new concept car called Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs which claims to be designed with the comfort and well-being of our loyal, fluffy friends in mind. It could be the most dog-friendly car ever made. 

As the on-the-nose name suggests, the Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs concept goes the extra mile in providing dogs with their own space in the back of the crossover in a bespoke little place they have tailored specifically for them. There is compromise, of course, as all dog owners well know, and here it comes in form of you waving goodbye to all of your luggage space.

The 445 liter truck of Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is transformed into a dedicated crib that accommodates two dogs in great comfort and even provides for their well-being. The concept features a 360° pull-out shower as well as a dog dryer which, one would imagine, can in a pinch also dry humans. The rear compartment also has a heating system for the dogs as well as a slide-away ramp which makes it easier loading up the dogs, both for the animal and its owner. Onece in, dogs can settle down into the luxurious bed, help themselves to a drink from the no-spill water bowl or take a snack from the smart dog treat dispenser.

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs-1 Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs-2 Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs-3


So if you want to spoil your dog and make sure he or she will never again listen to your commands, this vehicle is for you. The ultimate dog-friendly car is still very much a concept, but it wouldn’t to much trouble for Nissan to offer it as an optional extra for the existing crossovers.

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