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IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR One Wide Body

Mercedes Benz

IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR One Wide Body

Motorsport looks with everyday practicality – sports car makers have been using this blend with great success for years. But wherever the manufacturer has dropped the ball a tuner has come in to pick up the slack.That is the case with IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR One. It looks as though Mercedes has made road-legal AMG GT3.

People like to look like they are brave and skillful without having to work for it or face any inconvenience. That is why they like cars that make them look heroic, even though underneath they are soft and comfortable machines no harder handle than a milk float. So don’t be fooled with the massive aero parts or the wide arches on IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR One. The car is still a sweet grand tourer at heart. It just happens to look like the bastard child of Godzilla and Predator.

Mind you, IMSA Mercedes AMG GT RXR does have some motorsport skills. It’s not all show. Stating with a AMG GT S, the tuner has replaced major body parts with lightweight carbon fiber pieces. So you have the weight advantage. Then there is the race car-grade aerokit, complementing the  adjustable race suspension, new axle parts and the forged aluminium wheels. The V8 engine is also improved with tweaked turbochargers and a new cooling system. Las but not least, you get track-ready Pirelli Pzero Trofeo R tires.

So if the AMG GT R is still a little too soft for you, it’s good to know there is an alternative in the RXR One.

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