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Hyundai Santa Fe Tackles Antarctica, Wins


Hyundai Santa Fe Tackles Antarctica, Wins

The next automaker to copy Top Gear – the old one, obviously – is Hyundai and the gig they have copied is the Polar challenge. Granted, it’s not an exact copy, as route is different and so is the car. They dispatched a tricked-out Hyundai Santa Fe to the Antarctica where it crossed  the continent in the hands of a British explorer. 

The explorer in question is Patrick Bergel, the Great Grandson of legendary polar explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton. He piloted the Hyundai Santa Fe from Union Camp to McMurdo and back again, which is quite impressive.

Now, they say the Antarctic Hyundai Santa Fe is near-standard which is kinda like saying Pamela Anderson is all natural. Those wide tracks, flared arches, jacked-up suspension, and massive off-road tires are as far away to the standard Santa Fe as Antarctica is to the Equator. But hey, it’s still a cool thing they have done here. The journey which took place in December 2016 was timed to commemorate the centenary of Shackleton’s heroic Trans-Antarctic expedition of 1914-16.

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