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How To Be Cool: Maintenance Tips For The Newbie On Two Wheels

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How To Be Cool: Maintenance Tips For The Newbie On Two Wheels

Every motorcycle enthusiast’s dream is getting their first bike. Feeling that cool breeze, the thrill that comes with speed, and riding off into the sunset are just a few things that a rider can get out of his/her new bike.

People would often picture out that scene from the movie “Easy Rider” when Wyatt and Billy were riding down the long road on their mighty piston-powered steeds. Aspiring enthusiasts look for that awesome feeling of getting on the wheels of those motorcycles. These majestic machines a.k.a “bikes” demand the right attention and care.

Motorcycles require a lot of regular maintenance. One bolt may be the only thing that separates an enjoyable afternoon ride from a crash. Although the experienced riders know about routine maintenance, aspiring bikers may overlook the chance and forget about it. In this article, we will list down some tips for the newbie enthusiast on how to care for their bikes.



Cleaning a bike is like a newborn being taken care of by its mother. Regular cleaning can make a bike look brand new and spotless. After a good wash, hand drying is a good idea. Drying by hand can enable an enthusiast to spot any part of the bike that can have a potential problem.



Along with other vehicles, motorbikes also need their oil changed. The recommended mileage for an oil change is 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever would come first. An oil change brings a lot of benefit to the motorcycle. For instance, an oil change maintains lubrication of many moving parts inside the engine.

Changing oil regularly also helps cool down the engine. The heat produced by the engine is due to the moving parts that generate friction. Another benefit of an oil change is that it prevents engine wear and it removes sludge. These particles often cause severe damage when oil levels aren’t sufficient enough.



Chains, next to the engine, is what makes a motorcycle move. A smart rider lubes up a chain before going on any ride. A good habit to maintain is by regularly checking for “hooked teeth.”

Checking tension is also a good way of caring for a bike. Too much tension will cause unwanted wears and tears on both the chain and sprocket. A loose chain, however, can grab and cause a breakdown.



Always check for anything that may damage your tires. Inspecting the wheels before each ride is also a good habit to have. Cracks and dents should be addressed when doing checks on the rims. Make sure that tire pressure is also correct because it can significantly affect handling. People often overlook this and end up consulting a motorcycle accident lawyer for injuries from a crash due to uneven tire pressure.



The battery is also another important part of regular checks. The recommended tests go together with the regular oil changes. Inspect the battery for any cracks that could be due to vibration. A common trend nowadays is for riders to install accessory lights.

Most of the time, aesthetics are the main reason for installing them. For others, it could be about safety. Keep in mind, that a motorcycle’s battery is for running the bike, not for the adornments. Installing such cumbersome lights often result in batteries getting weak.


Owning that first motorcycle is a great feeling for the newbie bike rider. Although maintenance and regular checks are daunting tasks, it should not keep the owner from doing it. Doing proper maintenance on bikes results in exceptional aesthetics. Not only that, a rider’s safety is ensured when doing outstanding maintenance work.

Never gamble for that thrill ride on an unmaintained bike. Save the worry and enjoy the wind. Ride on.

This article is a collaboration between Motorward and Jaime Sanders who is a writer who loves to travel all around the world. From the highest mountains of the Philippines to the lush jungles of Costa Rica, Jaime has been there. She loves to explore nature and the exotic cultures surrounding it. When not on an adventure, she shares her stories from her journeys with her readers. Jaime currently resides in Pensacola, Florida.

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