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Hennessey Pushes Dodge Demon to 1000 Horsepower and Beyond


Hennessey Pushes Dodge Demon to 1000 Horsepower and Beyond

HPE (Hennessey Performance Engineering) is one of the best known names in tuning business wherever there is talk of big power. The Texan tuner works especially well with American muscle cars, naturally, and they have a couple of upgrade programs for the Dodge Demon that are sure to get every red state redneck all hot in the pants. 

We’re joking, of course. Hennessey Dodge Demon HPE 1000 and 1200 offer the kind of intoxicating power that would make even an Oxford-educate historian weak in the knees. Now, the Demon is a beast of a machine to begin with, pumping out more than 800 horsepower right out of the factory. But apparently it wasn’t beastly enough for Hennessey, a firm used to dealing with 1000+ horsepower monsters.

So they have come up with a couple of upgrade kits for the Demon, with the first one being a modest,880 horsepower upgrade. That’s the HPE1000 package for you. This obviously you don’t want. What’s the point of just 40 more horses? It’s insulting, frankly. Luckily, Hennes also has a HPE1200 package, and this one is more like it. For this package, with modified supercharger and stuff, they project anywhere between 1000 to 1500 horsepower in full drag mode. They even offer NHRA legal roll cage, parachute upgrade, headers and everything. But the road-going version, as you can see in the video above, is set at a cool 1,200 hp nominal output, translating on dyno to 1013 rear wheel HP and 954 rear wheel lb-ft torque.


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