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Gymkhana NINE in 360-Degree – The Second Half


Gymkhana NINE in 360-Degree – The Second Half

As you may recall, a while back Ford and Hoonigan released a Virtual Reality 360-degree video of Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE. Since these things are an absolute beyotch to make, they only managed the first half back then. But good news! The second half is now available in the FordVR app and on Ford Performance YouTube.

The 360-degree Gymkhana NINE allows you to immerse in the crazy world of Ken Block even more profoundly than before and see stuff you wouldn’t normally see in a 2D video. Of course, to fully appreciate the thing you’re going to have to need one of those VR headsets.

Ken Block sort of needs to keep updating his gig with new fancy schmancy tricks like this, because to be honest the premise of a man driving around a carefully staged set in an exuberant manner is only sustainable for so long. They have managed to keep it up for nine installments, but the threads are gradually starting to show.

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