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Glickenhaus Expedition Vehicle to Set World Altitude Record


Glickenhaus Expedition Vehicle to Set World Altitude Record

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is best known to most of you for their bespoke Ferrari-based supercars and race cars. But they are branching out, and one of the projects they have in mind is this weird and interesting offroad vehicle. This road-legal “expedition” vehicle is being built with the ultimate goal of driving up a volcano and setting a World Altitude Record at 7,000 meters. 

That explains the design of the Glickenhaus offroader and the whole arrangement viz-a-viz suspension and wheels and underpinnings. The central driving position could also be justified in the same vein, although we have to wait and see if it makes it into the final production model. There are going to be a couple of different variants of Glickenhaus offroad vehicle, apparenlty nicknamed SCG Boot, with this four four-door Expedition version going for the Volvano record, and a two-door version called Steve for lighter adventures.

Both variants will be available for purchase and in fact Glickenhaus says they have already received some inquiries. They have decided on a naturally aspirated V8 engine for this extraordinary vehicle, 20 inch wheels, 4-wheel-drive, and air conditioning as the main comfort amenity. As for the price, they are hoping to keep it around $100K, although the full Volcano assault version with full support for the customer will cost a bit more. Glickenhaus describes this car as a “cross between a Baja Racer and a Paris to Dakar for the Road.”

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