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G-Wagen Wannabe: Suzuki Jimny G-Mini by Liberty Walk


G-Wagen Wannabe: Suzuki Jimny G-Mini by Liberty Walk

You know Liberty Walk as the maker of some of the hottest, and widest, tricked-out supercars. These guys have a great sense of humor, too, which is why we thing they decided to have a go at the new Suzuki Jimny. They are proposing a treatment for the tiny crossover where you get a full on G-Class look. 

They call this the G-Mini which is an apt name, partly due to the car’s size and partly because of how faithfully they have recreated the looks of a G-Wagen here. What we like best is the tuner’s gall to go for the top version, the G63, and not only that, a tuned version of the G-Wagen with carbon hood and overfenders and all the other accessories you’d see on the firm’s real LB-Works G63 pictured below.

To get a little more in-depth on the Suzuki Jimny G-Mini by Liberty Walk and its wonderful details, you have the G63-esque bumper up front with the rectangular air intakes, a modified front fascia with the grille and headlights, carbon vented hood, roof garnish with LED lights, side steps, fender flares on the front and rear, a pair of side exhausts, and a modified rear bumper. A set of extra large wheels complete the faux-G63 look.

Liberty Walk has not announced any particular plan to put this thing into production, but we’re sure a lot of people are going to want it just for the comedy value!

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