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G-Power BMW M4 CS Comes with 600 Horsepower


G-Power BMW M4 CS Comes with 600 Horsepower

If you are one of the people who bough a M4 CS limited edition and now fee they haven’t got enough for the money they paid, paying a little bit more might solve your issue. The G-Power BMW M4 CS is a souped-up version of the sports car with loads more power and a meaner attitude. 

Applying their magic to the M4’s S55B30 engine, G-Power engineers have managed to extract 600 horsepower and 740 Nm of torque from it. that is considerably more than the standard, and has a profound effect on the performance of the car. G-Power BMW M4 CS is capable of accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. Part of the electronic modification is the removal of the top speed limiter, so the G-CS can also reach 320 km/h, something the regular M4 can only dream of.

The plan behind G-Power BMW M4 CS power package include a new control software which works in tandem with G-Power-modified turbochargers featuring a larger precision CNC milled unit. The flow rate and speed and volume are much greater than the standard units. They have also modified the piping, but this is German engineering we are talking about, so you can be sure the mods are of top notch quality and precision.

Also part of the package is bespoke ultra-lightweight exhaust system made from titanium, featuring four 90-millimeter carbon fiber tailpipes.

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