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Ford Boosts Production of 2018 Lincoln Navigator to Meet Demand


Ford Boosts Production of 2018 Lincoln Navigator to Meet Demand

Turns out SUV shoppers in America are absolutely loving the new 2018 Lincoln Navigator. In fact, they are selling so fast, Ford can barely keep up with demand. That is why they have injected an additional $25 million investment into their Kentucky Truck Plant, where the Navi is made, boosting its production capacity by 25 percent. 

The now $925 million dollar plant is responsible for the production of 2018 Lincoln Navigator as well as the latest Ford Expedition SUV. Using advanced manufacturing technologies is a highlight of Kentucky Truck Plant, and it shows in the quality of the Navigators they put out. The upgrades of the plant include 400 new robots, enhanced data analytics to help the plant operate more efficiently and a new 3D printer for faster and cheaper parts production. So no new jobs for humans, but the current workforce is going to have more time to relax.

The sales of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator more than doubled last month as the SUV got its feet grounded in huge markets such as  Florida, Texas and California and as the reviews started coming in, waxing lyrical about how good this new model is.  According to Ford, nearly 85 percent of all Navigator buyers are choosing high-end, high quality Black Label and Reserve models. The same goes for the Expedition with the top-of-the-line Platinum trim models.

“The response from customers regarding our new full-size SUVs has been exceptional,” said Joe Hinrichs, president, Global Operations. “Using a combination of Ford’s advanced manufacturing and American hard work and ingenuity, we’ll deliver more high-quality Lincoln Navigators and Ford Expeditions to customers than originally planned.”

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