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Ferrari Pista Spider Is the Most Beautiful Thing Ever!


Ferrari Pista Spider Is the Most Beautiful Thing Ever!

Ferrari turned up at the Pebble Beach Concourse d’elegance yesterday with something very predictable but utterly amazing. It was the Ferrari Pista Spider they unveiled, a car we all knew was coming. What we didn’t know was how unbelievably beautiful this thing looks like. 

I mean, just look at it. The hardtop Pista is a hot car, but this… this is insanely pretty. For something that is based on the 488, which is itself based on the 458, with a different hood, sportier bumpers, new engine cover and new wheels, the Ferrari Pista Spider is ridiculously good. Part of this charm could be down to that sexy livery, of course, but we reckon this car would look good even in pink. Ferrari has got the styling just right with this one. Kudos, paisanos, kudos.

Mechanically, Ferrari Pista Spider is as you would expect identical to the coupe with a 720 horsepower twin-turbo V8 and it’s very good and has sharp acceleration, braking efficiency, lightning-fast gear shifting, precision steering, grip, stability and superb handling akin to the GTE race car and blah blah blah. Honestly we wouldn’t care if this thing has a two-cylinder diesel. We’d still fancy it.

Also exclusive for the Pista Spider is the diamond-finish 20” alloy wheels with a novel 10-spoke star-effect, with one-piece carbon-fibre wheels available as option. The interior is characterized by light-saving material as, besides generous use of carbon-fibre and Alcantara throughout, the carpets have been replaced by patterned aluminium foot plates and the driver’s-side door handle is now a simple strap.

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