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Ferrari 488 GTO (Sport Special) Rendering Seems Spot On


Ferrari 488 GTO (Sport Special) Rendering Seems Spot On

While we are still not sure what the upcoming hotted-up Ferrari 488 is officially called, we have a good idea about how it looks thanks to a leaked picture that hit the web a while ago. Now there is a good rendering of this, let’s call it Ferrari 488 GTO, showing the face of the supercar in full glory. 

The design of Ferrari 488 GTO is dominated at the front by a sporty new apron featuring a new lip spoiler. This is part of an advanced new aero kit the car gets to cut through the air more efficiently than its plain sister, the GTB. The lip is complemented with side blades on either side of the bumper – probably active in that they open and close depending on the speed – dynamic side skirts, and, almost certainly, a pretty sizable rear diffuser with pronounced fins and most likely new tailpipe arrangement.

Ferrari 488 GTO will also sit lower than the regular version, rides on bigger wheels shod with slicker tires, and will also be lighter, maybe by as much as a 100 kg. As for the power, while the bi-turbo V8 engine will remain the same in terms of displacement, there will be adjustments made to the control units and the turbochargers themselves. Sources are talking about an output of at least 700 horsepower. But with this track-focused model it is not just the power, but the way it’s used. The GTO will probably outrun the LaFerrari hypercar around Ferrari’s Fiorano track.

Rendering by RukTechnology

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