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Electric GT Championship on Track for 2017 Debut


Electric GT Championship on Track for 2017 Debut

The moderate success of the Formula E series has given confidence to a bunch of optimistic green car enthusiast to launch another electric car racing series. It’s called the Electric GT Championship (EGT) and it will debut in 2017 for a seven-event season.

The new racing series will get a special feature at the upcoming Autosport International motorsport show where they will introduce the public to the concept of the one-make series as well the teams and drivers. In EGT 20 international drivers, both male and female, racing for 10 professional teams, will race each other in identical Tesla Model S P85+ racing cars which are just stock Teslas with the luxury stuff taken out and mandatory safety gear put in.

Electric GT Championship Tesla-2

Considering the popularity of the Model S as a production car and the ease of preparation for this series, not to mention the superb performance of the car, we reckon Electric GT Championship stands a good chance of proving a successful motorsport spectacle. Yes, it’ll be the quietest GT grid ever. But think of it this way: you’ll get to hear the drivers scream as they run into each other at high speed!

Electric GT Championship Tesla-3

2017 Electric GT Championship calendar includes seven races on some of Europe’s finest racing venues including Paul Ricard, Barcelona, Assen, Estoril and the Nürburgring. Later on there will be “non-championship races” in America as well.

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