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Dodge Challenger Demon Teased and Possibly Leaked


Dodge Challenger Demon Teased and Possibly Leaked

Keeping things secret these days is not an easy task thanks to the internet and nosy bloggers. But on the upside, it means we don’t have to go through with endless boring teasers car makers insist on shoving down our throats. So while Dodge is busy teasing the new Challenger Demon SRT hard-core super Hellcat, a video from the upcoming Fast & Furious 8 movie reveals the car in almost the full glory.

The Challenger Demon resurrects another one of Dodge’s old nameplates for a new model they have built based on the Hellcat SRT. It’s an apt name, because the car is a Hellcat that’s lost a very remarkable 200 pounds of mass and features revised wheels, steering, suspension, brakes, interior construction and components. Now that sounds like a helluva recipe, although we’re not sure what it would be like living with a stripped-down, super edgy muscle car. The car is probably so manly, you will grow mustaches out of your bicep muscles.

If the car shown in the F8 video is indeed the expected Demon it has drawn inspiration in its design from the world of tuning and a particular wide body model we all know too well. The makers of the Hellcat must have been looking at that car and thinking why aren’t we cashing on this market? Dodge Challenger Demon Hellcat is set for debut in New York City in April.

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