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Dähler BMW X2 Gets Performance Upgrade, Visual Tweaks


Dähler BMW X2 Gets Performance Upgrade, Visual Tweaks

If their tricked-out BMW X3 is not your cup of tea, Dähler Design & Technik GmbH also has a treatment for that car’s little sister. The sportier and all-around nicer Dähler BMW X2 comes with good power upgrades for all the engines in the range, and it benefits from some nice styling mods as well. 

On the performance front, whatever engine you have ended up with in your X2 can be upgraded using the tuner’s electronic magic. The Dähler BMW X2 118i petrol, which has 136 PS in standard from, boasts 158 PS/264 Nm, and the 120i (192 PS stock) offers 223 PS/340 Nm. As for the diesels, the 118d (150 PS standard) gets 174 PS/390 Nm, and 20d with 190 PS as standard now packs 220 PS/450 Nm. For all these model Dähler also offers sport exhaust systems.

Dähler BMW X2 benefits from an available adjustable suspension system which combined with their CDC1 wheels, available in sizes 20 and 21 inch give the urban crossover a sleeker, sportier look. They also improve the handling and road holding of the car, which is a welcome change given the extra power brought on by the engine upgrades. So while the X2 does not get a body kit in this package, these mods do their part to improve the already cool design.

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