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Crazy Color Brabus G63 Spotted in Monaco


Crazy Color Brabus G63 Spotted in Monaco

As you may recall a few days ago we showed you a Crazy Color Brabus G63 in Alien Green made by RACE South Africa. Now as luck would have it another green Brabus G63 has been spotted, this time in Monaco. Turns out this car is really popular in this particular color, which is curious given its excessive brashness.

What’s even more curious about this particular Crazy Color Brabus G63 is the fact that it, apparently, belongs to a hot blonde. This explains the paint work in a way… maybe she has a handbag in this shade of green!

AMG know something when they came up with these “Crazy Colors” about the kind of people that would buy them, hence the name. That said, the fact that this car is a Brabus gives it enough cool points to make up for the color.

Video by MDKsupercars

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