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Capristo Ferrari 488 Sounds Like the Devil


Capristo Ferrari 488 Sounds Like the Devil

Not that we believe heaven and hell are real, but if they were, we are pretty sure the building where they’ve built hell would be full of sounds like what comes out of this Capristo Ferrari 488 GTB. At high revs this beast sound like the devil is punishing the sinners by shouting at them with furious anger. So you can imagine how the people in this guy’s neighborhood feel about him when he comes home in this at three in the morning.

We much prefer the sound of Capristo Ferrari 488 in fly-by as it approaches and builds the crescendo to an orgasmic high before leaving us with our bits in our hands and getting away at a huge turn of speed!

It is probably worth mentioning that the Capristo exhaust system on this Ferrari 488 GTB is part of an upgrade package that gives it a total of 720 horsepower.


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