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Bugatti Chiron Gets Sky View Glass Roof Option


Bugatti Chiron Gets Sky View Glass Roof Option

The people who spend $3 million on a car tend to be self-indulgent. That is just a given. So it comes as no surprise that their 1,500 horsepower Bugatti Chiron hyper car is not enough as it is. It also has to have a view of the sky. And it’s equally unsurprising that Bugatti should provide them with this option with what they call the Sky View roof. 

To be fair though, Bugatti Chiron’s Sky View glass roof is not just about letting a bit of sunlight in. It does make the interior of the Chiron a lot less claustrophobic. What’s more, it adds 2.7 centimeters of headroom, which is excellent. The Sky View is made from a newly developed laminated glass which, according to Bugatti, provides top-notch noise abatement and thermal comfort.

Bugatti promises the Sky View roof does not make you suffer too much wind noise, and that it reflects all infrared and ultraviolet radiation away. The Chiron being a low car, Bugatti has thought of bald billionaires too and has tinted the glass so they won’t have to worry about people in the next car laughing at their bald patch. The tinting also prevents the dazzling effect. As an extra bonus, the two fixed glass panels in the roof of the vehicle, each 65 cm long and 44 cm wide with four intermediate layers, do not compromise the structural rigidity of the Chiron or its safety.

One could also say the Sky View roof also acts as an styling feature. It gives you a dim clue as to how the Chiron Roadster will look like. You can see the glass-roofed Chiron at the Monterey Car Week in California at the end of August 2018. Or if you can afford the car, it is available to order effective immediately.

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