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Brabus Mercedes-AMG G65 with 888 Horsepower!

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Brabus Mercedes-AMG G65 with 888 Horsepower!

German tuner Brabus has a very special “ONE of TEN” badge which they use very rarely and only for their most extreme creations. Now that is what was called for when they finished the new Brabus Mercedes-AMG G65, stepped back and looked at it. This bad boy is quite possibly the most extreme luxury SUV ever created anywhere in the world. 

If you doubt that just look at the figures: 6.3 liter V12 engine (upped from 6.0 liter), 888 horsepower, 1,500 Nm of torque (limited to 1,200), 3.9 second sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, a price tag of €666,000 ($800,000). Nobody needs something like this, but everybody wants it. The extremely lucky ten who will get this thing may find it a bit under whelming to look at though, even though Brabus Mercedes-AMG G65 900 does get some unique styling touches.

The most prominent feature of this monster that set it apart from other Brabus G-Wagens is the mad bonnet which is basically a huge carbon fiber air intake. There is also flares and strakes and scoops everywhere you look, and of course you get a set of humongous monoblock wheels in dark or shiny finish. But still, to an uninterested eye Brabus Mercedes-AMG G65 looks like a G-Class with a fairly ugly bonnet.

The exterior may be a bit confusing, but there will no doubt as to the class and prestige of Brabus Mercedes-AMG G65 once you step inside and check out all the new leather and fancy stitching, the individual back seats with the Maybach style console in the middle featuring a fridge and multiple displays and the drinks cabinet in the boot.

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