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Brabus Business Lounge V-Class Is the Ultimate Van


Brabus Business Lounge V-Class Is the Ultimate Van

Yes, it is quite possibly the most luxurious, the most well-equipped vehicle on the face of the earth. But at the end of the day, Brabus Business Lounge Mercedes V-Class is still a van. And or the same kind of money you can probably get a Rolls-Royce or a Maybach. So who is going to buy this?

Well, we don’t need to know that in order to marvel at how amazing Brabus Business Lounge is. Based on a V-Class which is fully kitted out inside and out and even equipped with a power kit for the engine, this Lounge benefits from a special rear compartment-area-place-thingy styled and equipped in the style of the lavishest business-class private jets. Check it out:

Some of the highlights of Brabus Business Lounge include two VIP Business power seats with sleeping position, BRABUS MEDIA CENTER in conjunction with the BRABUS CLOUD, which allows integrating smartphones, tablets, or notebooks independent of their operating-system, fully integrated Apple TV module or a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, BRABUS TOUCH CONTROL PANEL, integrated refrigerator, a coffeemaker, a bar compartment and hot/cold cup holders, BRABUS MAGIC GLASS, Brabus safe box and…


brabus-business-lounge-1 brabus-business-lounge-2 brabus-business-lounge-3

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