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BMW i8 Roadster Comes with Increased Range, Good Looks


BMW i8 Roadster Comes with Increased Range, Good Looks

Everybody in the car world was waiting to see the new BMW i8 Roadster in production form. And although we have to admit the whole thing was a bit anti-climactic given the build-up, the hybrid sports car is still a hugely desirable thing. The new model, and the latest version of the i8 Coupe, benefit from increased range as well. 

The optimized BMW eDrive powertrain with its turbocharged three-cylinder and electric motors delivers 369 hp in the BMW i8 Roadster – and of course the 2018 Coupe, but it’s hard to focus on that with the Roadster in the center of things. That power propels the BMW i8 Coupe from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds while the i8 Roadster accelerates in 4.4 second.Both have a limited top speed of 155 mph. Enhanced batteries mean the electric range now stands at 18 miles, during which you can hit 75 mph, and average fuel consumption stands at around 70 eMPG.

But the coolest thing about the new BMW i8 Roadster is the design. It’s pretty much the same as the coupe, save the lack of roof of course, but that adds a lot more drama to the way the car look. The roof itself is a soft top affair stowable in a neat compartment in 16 seconds using electricity. The fabric roof, which features a 3D printed mechanism, increases the cargo space compared to the coupe, but it does away with the useless rear seats which is entirely fine.

The interior of the i8 Roadster, too, has some nice surprises, such as a new sport steering wheel, carbon fiber trim, and Tera World Copper with E-Copper upholstery complementing new exterior colors E-Copper and Donnington Grey.

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