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Blacked-out Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE!


Blacked-out Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE!

South African tuner RACE! has been doing so many super cars lately, we thought they would never work on any other type of vehicle ever again. But now they have revealed a tricked-out Range Rover Sport SVR they have equipped with new colors and features.


Mind you, this doesn’t exactly count as them being back down to earth. Range Rover Sport SVR is the top-of-the-line, super deluxe, high performance SUV that costs about as much as a very high-end sports car. Still, RACE! has managed to improve the aesthetics, as well as attitude, of this unique utility vehicle through a number of simple but cunning plans.

Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE-00

The highlight of this Range Rover Sport SVR project is the color black. Right off the bat the tuner wrapped the white SVR in 3M gloss black vinyl which immediately improved its sex appeal tenfold. Then they ripped off all the shiny bits off the body and replaced them with carbon fiber replicas which look plain black from afar, but give the car a nice touch of sport up close. Last but not least, they fitted a set of 23″ Startech wheels.

Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE-000

These mods, plus the tinted windows, have made this RR SVR the perfect car for mob bosses, drug lords, or international assassins. Sorry, these are the type of people that spring to mind when we look at this thing.

Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE-1 Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE-2 Range Rover Sport SVR by RACE-3

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