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BBC Top Gear Coming Back for a New Season

Chris Harris

BBC Top Gear Coming Back for a New Season

Turns out the BBC have been quietly making a whole new season of their “new” Top Gear and they seem to be ready for a 2017 launch. The reason we didn’t hear much about them filming the thing is probably because the news got lost amid the turbulence of The Grand Tour.

The new, new Top Gear has kept the good stuff from the previous season, which to all intents and purposes was a failure, and dumped the not-so-good, i.e. Chris Evans and Sabine Schmitz. So you got Chris Harris, Matt LaBlanc, and Rory Reid. Well, that’s what this rather uninformative teaser let us know:

What we don’t get frankly is why are people still hating on the Top Gear? Clarkson and Hammond and May are now back and have their own thriving program, so we think it’s time we moved on and stopped with the unlike button on these poor guys’ videos!

That said, we’d still prefer to see Chris Harris making videos on his own. The guy’s just better on his own than part of a team.

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