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BAC Mono Beats McLaren P1 GTR’s Time at Anglesey

2015 Subaru Outback

BAC Mono Beats McLaren P1 GTR’s Time at Anglesey

The beautiful Anglesey Coastal Circuit in Wales is where Evo Magazine goes when they want to test the performance of the cars they get. They lap them and rank them in what they call the Leaderboard. Anyway, a while back when testing a BAC Mono they realized something quite remarkable.

The remarkable thing they realized was that at 1:07.70 the BAC Mono had lapped the Anglesey quicker than a McLaren P1 GTR hyper track car (1:08.70). The little “boutique” car had slashed the big badass hybrid hyper machine by a whole second. And here’ proof of the lap time:

What makes this whole thing even more amazing is that after setting record laps you can then steer the BAC Mono out of the track and drive it on the road – something you can’t do in a P1 GTR unless you are willing to spend another two million pounds, on top of the two million you have already blew on the car, to make it road-legal.

BAC Mono Anglesey 2 600x216 at BAC Mono Beats McLaren P1 GTR’s Time at Anglesey

BAC co-founder and Director of Product Development Neill Briggs added: “We are very, very proud of the Mono’s achievement around the Anglesey Coastal Circuit and are thrilled that the world can watch history unfold online. The Mono is known for driving as good as it looks, and that much is evident from evo’s video. When the record lap was set, it looked incredibly quick – the video reinforces just how fast it was and how great a feat this is. To be at the top of evo’s leaderboard is an honour and we are looking forward to attacking and conquering other production car records around the world in 2017.”

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