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Apollo Intensa Emozione Has Cool Looks, 780 Horsepower


Apollo Intensa Emozione Has Cool Looks, 780 Horsepower

You may remember Apollo for the technically brilliant but catastrophically Gumpert supercar. That car wasn’t really a success since it caused the company to almost go bust. Now, though, they are back with this, the Apollo Intensa Emozione, and it seems they have got it right this time. 

Apollo has been trying for a few years to come up with a great hypercar and they even came up with some proposals. All of that effort culminates in the IE which seems to flawless, whether you look at its design or technical specs. Packing a 6.3 liter V12 engine with 780 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque, Apollo Intensa Emozione certainly has enough power to be allowed in the hypercar club. And as for the looks, well, OMG!

You’d be forgiven to think it’s a new Pagani the first time you lay eyes upon Apollo Intensa Emozione. It has the same delicacy and art we know from that brand, but it’s more aggressive and motorsport-y. The huge wing and shark fin and large spoilers reminds us of LMP1 cars, while all the twisted lines and tortured surfaces brings to mind a modern art sculpture. And it’s a sculpture made from carbon fiber, just like its monocoque which weighs only 105 kg.

Apollo Intensa Emozione comes with Brembro carbon ceramic (CCM) and bespoke Michelin tires capable of handling up to 2G. suspension-wise, you have Formula One inspired double wishbone with full push-rod and rocker arm architecture. The car even has four air jacks in the fashion of endurance race cars.

The IE is an old-school kind of hypercar with a naturally aspirated engine and sequential 6-speed gearbox. But it doesn’t really matter because they are only making 10 units of it. It is really more of a statement than a commercial product, and in that sense it is magnificent.

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