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AC Schnitzer BMW M2 Sets Sachsenring Record

Ac Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer BMW M2 Sets Sachsenring Record

Sachsenring in Saxony, Germany, is the track of choice for tuner AC Schnitzer when they want to put their products through their paces. The latest car to pick up this gauntlet is AC Schnitzer BMW M2, and as it turns out it became the fastest M2 anyone has ever tested on that track.

AC Schnitzer BMW M2 went round the technical track in 1:32.9 seconds. That is partly due to the car’s massive aero features which make it much more efficient at cutting through the air, and partly due to the power increase AC has engineered into its straight-six turbo engine.

With new engine mapping and a custom exhaust system as well as a high performance intercooler, AC Schnitzer BMW M2 makes 420 horsepower instead of the standard 370. That means this little beast has the weight of an M2 but the power of an M4. But most people are interested in AC’s M2 for the way it looks, what with the massive front and rear spoilers, the custom diffuser and tailpipes, and of course, those AC Schnitzer wheels.


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