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A Supra With GT500 Aspirations

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A Supra With GT500 Aspirations

It may sound strange, but I’m almost glad that a lot of Japanese manufacturers have failed miserably when it comes to giving us worthy successors of cars like the Supra. Let me explain…

The more I feature and spotlight cool cars, the more this sentiment runs through my head. It’s the same with so many cars, the S-chassis, the AE86, the Skyline, and of course Toyota’s flagship sports car. There has never really been a proper replacement for the latter, and while we’ll be seeing a new Supra at the end of October at the Tokyo Motor Show, we all know it’s based on a BMW Z4. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a car that will be very welcome, but it’s hardly a successor to the JZA80, is it?

While the Germans never miss a beat when it comes to giving us successor after successor of performance models, the Japanese get confused and lost in their self-inflicted brand disorganization. And when decades pass between models, that’s when the enthusiasts push the envelope. Owners start to feel like their beloved cars will never see a successor that they’d happily trade up to, and that’s when we see great and unique creations surface.

We’ve seen this expressed in so many different ways with so many different chassis, but never have I come across a Supra quite like the car you see here.

The owner has gone completely mad on it, commissioning a local bodyshop in Kuala Lumpur to sculpt a one-off wide body conversion to echo the success the JZA80 had in the GT500 ranks of the JGTC. There are no bolt-on fenders here, or even FRP for that matter  – everything you see is handcrafted out of steel, including the custom front and rear arches that meet up with equally wild-looking bumpers.


For the owner, this is nothing short of a dream materializing in the real world. It’s like that ultimate spec list we all have in our heads for how we would like our own cars to be, but here he’s actually gone and done it.


The custom aesthetics are complemented by select carbon fiber additions like the front and rear canards and the treatment along the profile of the car. A large GT wing and Top Secret rear diffuser finish off the aero treatment, before the whole look is pulled together with a custom set of Work Meister S1s in 18×8.5-inch at the front and a mammoth 18×14-inch at the rear.


Swing the doors open and there’s an immediate premium feel to the cabin with Alcantara applied to almost every surface.


The quilting on the center portion of the seats and on the door cards adds a certain elegance, contrasting the carbon trim that dresses the fascia and instrument cluster. The execution is of the highest quality but nothing can prepare you for the engine aspect of the build…


You might expect a show car finish under the hood as well, but the owner has gone a completely different direction here. It’s pure race car, from how the 2JZ’s cam covers have been left unpainted with the massive coil packs sticking out like sore thumbs, to how the entire engine bay is lined in heat reflecting material. The motor is fully built with Ross forged pistons, Molnar Technologies forged connecting rods and Kelford cams to ensure toughness and reliability, while the big Garrett GT42 turbo sits on an Elixir billet exhaust manifold. Yes, billet, as in no chance of cracking – ever!


On the intake side there’s an Elixir dry carbon plenum and a single drive-by-wire throttle body of the same brand. Fuelling is provided by a dozen 1350cc/min injectors fed by a pair of Elixir 500lph pumps.


The car runs a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU with a flex-fuel sensor, meaning it’s more than happy to run either 100RON gasoline or E85. Of course, the latter will yield the most power and the reason there’s a fuel system geared up to support it all. Currently, the setup is producing 650whp on 1.2bar (17.6psi) boost pressure, but there’s potential here for 1000hp, which is where it will end up.


It’s great to get so much love in all the countries we visit!


Oh, and if the fully built 2JZ wasn’t quite enough, there’s always the wet nitrous oxide system to rely on for that little boost of power. This JZA80 is wild in every way!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

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