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2019 Mercedes CLS Rendered in a Bunch of Guises

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2019 Mercedes CLS Rendered in a Bunch of Guises

Don’t like the new 2019 Mercedes CLS? Want to see it butchered in by Photoshop? Well then you’ve come to the right place! Maybe butchered is not a fair word to use here, seeing as the shooting brake and coupe variants are looking pretty good. But you will agree the CLS pickup and that CLS 63 AMG depicted here are kind of horrendous. 

This is not to say that artist has done a bad job. Not at all. Technically, these renderings are top works. It’s just the idea of a Mercedes CLS pickup truck that is revolting and doesn’t make any sense. The same goes for the CLS 63 AMG which, as you may know, is not going to happen. Anf hallelujah to that, if it were going to look like this. The next AMG CLS will be called CLS 53 and it’s a hybrid. So chances are AMG designer will steer clear of their usual tricks and come up with some new elements.

Now for the eye candies… Let’s begin with the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake which is a nice thing to look at on account of its sexy sloping roof. Granted, the front-end is still controversial, but at least with the Shooting Brake one does not have to look at the hideous back end featured on the standard CLS. As for the two-door and convertible models rendered here, they are awesome and hopefully we will see them in real life as the next generaion E-Coupe and E-Cabrio.

Renderings by X-Tomi Design

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