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2019 Mercedes CLS Confirmed for L.A. Auto Show Debut

Mercedes Benz

2019 Mercedes CLS Confirmed for L.A. Auto Show Debut

Mercedes-Benz has released the first official preview photos of the new 2019 Mercedes CLS four-door coupe, confirming its world premiere at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. The trend-setter is getting a major makeover in this iteration, adding the latest Benz design cues to its iconic look. 

The CLS has always been one of the most important models from the German car maker,even though it’s just an E-Class in a designer suit. The car started the whole four-door coupe niche when it was first revealed, causing such a stir in the automotive world that to this day we feel its reverberations. That’s why it is always a significant occasion when they come up with a new version.

But if you are expecting a whole new look for the 2019 Mercedes CLS, you’ll probably be disappointed. Mercedes designers have shown before they don’t mess with a successful recipe, just tweak it a bit. So while the profile will remain largely unchanged, the CLS will get new head and taillights based on the latest design trends of the company. There will also be a new grille and some nip and tuck here and there. Teh same goes for the interior, which as you see in the image above is getting more S-Class-like than ever with a huge screen and vintage looking vents.

We are quite looking forward to see the AMG variant of the 2019 Mercedes CLS though, not just because it will look sportier than the regular models, but also for the powertrain. The word is the next CLS AMG will boast a hybrid system with a 3.0 liter V6 turbo petrol unit and an electric motor. It will be the first AMG ’53’ model, a series of electrified performance models from Affalterbach.

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