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2019 Audi A1 Sportback Premium Hatchback Unveiled


2019 Audi A1 Sportback Premium Hatchback Unveiled

If you always wanted to spend sports sedan money on a hatchback, good news! The new 2019 Audi A1 is out now, and it has all the characteristics of an over-the-top, premium, sporty and luxurious city car. And it packs a big punch, too. 

So let us be clear from the get go: 2019 Audi A1 is worth every penny, objectively. There isn’t another car in this class with so much technology and advanced features packed into it. Whether it gives you the right amount of fun, considering that you some serious machines for the same kind of money, is another matter altogether. This car, we reckon, is the ideal city runabout for someone who already has an R8 in the garage-someone who wants their trips to the local grocer to be special and memorable.

We know it shouldn’t, but the design of this new 2019 Audi A1 Sportback kind of reminds us of the current Hyundai i20. That is not a flattering thing to say about an Audi, but whose fault is it? The design cues have apparently been drawn from the famous Ur-quattro rally cars of the yesteryear. That’s the reason for all those sharp lines and taut surfaces. The interior, as mentioned, is super premium, with body color accents, a couple of large screen, even the virtual cockpit instrument like the big dog A8. Most of these, naturally, are optional extras.

In terms of performance, the new A1 comes with there and four cylinder engine with outputs ranging from 70 kW (95 hp) to 147 kW (200 hp). You can pair these, depending on the choice, with a manual transmission or the S tronic dual-clutch transmission with seven speeds, and in one case with a six-speed S tronic. Again, if you tick the right boxes on the options list you can end up with fancy adjustable suspension, drive mode select system, parking assist, a new generation of the MMI system, and…

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