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2018 Kia Stinger Gets Dedicated Online Configurator


2018 Kia Stinger Gets Dedicated Online Configurator

Given the interest shown by the public and the media alike to Kia’s new affordable performance model, the Stinger, it actually took them a long while to launch an online configurator for it. But it’s now here and you can tailor your perfect 2018 Kia Stinger with a few clicks and place the order.

Unlike most of the other configurators we feature here, the one for 2018 Kia Stinger actually has some practical value. It’s nice to play around with the customizers for Paganis and Bugattis and other exotic models. But most of us cannot even afford to dream about actually owning them, because we need to be up early in the morning and go to work. But the Stinger is well within the means of an average person. It comes in a bunch of trims and with three engines (depending on the market), priced, give or take, between 30 to 50 grand US.

The standard 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder Theta II engine in the 2018 Kia Stinger produces an estimated 255 horsepower at approximately 6,200 rpm. Max torque of 260 lb.-ft. is available from 1,400 – 4,000 rpm. But the one everybody is going to want is the 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 Lambda II engine, which is anticipated to produce 365 horsepower at an estimated 6,000 rpm and offer max torque of 376 lb.-ft. from 1,300 – 4,500 rpm. You can also specify the Stinger with all-wheel-drive, but if it’s not advisable if you want to enjoy some tail action from time to time.

So head over to Kia Stinger’s Online Configurator and build yourself one.

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